Special Student (Not seeking a degree or certificate)

Students who wish to take credit courses for personal enrichment or job improvement are permitted to enroll as special students. By definition, such students are not seeking and/or not eligible to pursue a certificate or degree at the institution. Special students may take courses for which the student has satisfied the required pre-requisites. See Course Descriptions for pre-requisite requirements in the college catalog. Click here for the College Catalog.
A pre-requisite requirement will be shown after the course description listed as PR:
The Special student will be evaluated by the Registrar to determine whether college-level academic performance indicates an ability to continue their studies. Special students must meet with an academic advisor by the time they have completed 15 credit hours of coursework to discuss program and curriculum objectives. Special students are not assigned an academic advisor as they are not degree seeking, therefore an appointment must be made with an advisor explaining the need to discuss objectives, not to register. A self-service transcript will need to be printed and provided to the advisor. Directions available at Student Information Desks and the Office of Admissions. Registration will take place in the Office of Admissions. A special student must submit the following:
  • An Application for Admission form
  • An unofficial copy of college transcripts from previous institutions (if applicable) when prior coursework will meet prerequisite requirements. This is for registration purpose only and will not be used for transcripting former college credit.

Students not seeking a degree or certificate are not eligible for financial aid according to federal regulations. Additional requirements must be fulfilled for special students to become certificate or degree seeking.

 If a special student decides to become degree of certificate seeking, the following must first occur:

  • A new Application for Admission form
  • Provide the office of Admissions with the documentation required of a regular certificate or degree seeking student, see "What Type of Student Are You" in the college catalog under BECOMING A NEW RIVER STUDENT.







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