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General Schedule Information

Please refer to the General Schedule Information (Fall 2015) for important dates (like final exams) as well as tuition/fee information. All of the schedules include courses offered at all New River campuses.

For the most current information (it is updated in real time), you may now access our Interactive Course Schedule database to sort, query and interact with the data to locate specifically the course information you need. Because the schedule changes so frequently, any printed version is already out of date but this interactive version has the current information. You can use the interactive database to find all the MATH 100 courses or all the courses offered just on the Nicholas County campus. You could even query to find only the courses offered at 1000 hours (10AM) or maybe just the completely online (Blackboard Learn) courses.

Interactive Course Schedules

We also provide all-on-one-page versions of the schedules, as well as the IVN courses separated out from all of the other courses in a graphical display to quickly see where the IVN courses are scheduled.

Interactive Course Schedules (use the GUEST login)

201601 - Fall 2015

All-on-One-Page Course Schedules

201601 - Fall 2015

IVN Course Schedules (room views for all IVN courses)

201601 - Fall 2015 (IVN)

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