DegreeNow Adult Completion Initiative

Are you an adult student who wishes to complete your college degree but life and work commitments have become your main priority? Do you have previous college credits, college-level learning and/or technical training you feel could qualify as college level credit? What you already know may be worth college credit. Adults continually learn new skills in many situations-on the job, through travel, reading, volunteering and special interests.

With a goal of preparing a more highly trained West Virginian citizenry to meet our workforce and civic needs and compete in the 21st-century job market with advanced and hands-on skills — West Virginia colleges are reaching out with an integrated, statewide program: DegreeNow.

DegreeNow is a state wide initiative funded by a grant from the Lumina Foundation. The Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) and the Community and Technical College System (CTCS) are the lead agencies in the initiative.

DegreeNow focuses first on adults (over 25) who meet the following three qualifications:

  • They have completed some college since 1995
  • But have not yet earned a degree
  • And have not been enrolled for at least three years.

DegreeNow will allow the benefits of three already existing and separate programs to mesh together, build on each other, and work as one:

Together, these components will provide a unique and unified opportunity for adults to:

  • Earn an associate or bachelor degree previously started
  • Facilitate progress for those who complete an associate degree
  • Work towards earning a bachelor's degree.

New River is here to help you attain your dream of completing your college degree by offering the Board of Governors Associate in Applied Science. This degree program can give you a jump start to complete your associate degree by completing a portfolio for prior work and life experiences. The portfolio process can validate your college level learning experiences and credentials as well as save precious time. The portfolio process is convenient, flexible and cost effective.

Applying for portfolio credit evaluation:

  • Schedule an appointment with the BOG degree program coordinator, Peggy Epling, 304-929-5027 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an advising session
  • Register for the Portfolio Development Course GNED 101
  • Start compiling required documentation for your portfolio
  • Submit your completed portfolio for credit evaluation
  • Pay portfolio evaluation fee ($300) and transcription of credit fees if any.
  • Students are eligible for admission to this program two years after high school graduation. Students must not hold a degree from an accredited institution nor be enrolled simultaneously in another degree program. You can apply for admission here

If this is just the beginning for you and you plan to continue your education, this degree is a pathway into the four year component, the Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree, completed at West Virginia's four year colleges and universities.

There is no time like the present to get started on the completion of your college degree. Our student affairs professionals can help you get on the right track to see the completion of your degree happen.

Contact Peggy Epling, 304-929-5027 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more infotmation.




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The deadline to apply for December 2015 graduation is Friday, April 10, 2015.