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EDUC 110 - Final Study Guide

2015 Fall Term

-Long-Term Gain: Even if test scores disappoint this year, students are on path to achievement 20150802

-Common Core: New Test Scores to Be Revealed 20140810

-New Grant Money Helps Cover Hiring Costs for Truancy Diversion Specialists 20150812

-Be Prepared Teacher Training 20150816

-Common Core in West Virginia Students Miss Mark on test 20150816

-Test Score-Teacher Rating Link Gets Low Marks Poll Finds 55% of Americans Oppose Connecting Teacher Evaluations, Student Tests 20150824

2015 Spring Term

-Schools Cannot Be Fixed Without Teacher Involement 20150102

-Los Angeles Policy Shift Yields Decline in School Suspensions 20150111

-Schools Want More Flexibility in State Funding 20150111

-Science Teachers Group Criticizes BOE for Climate Changes 20150111

-Association Rep: Gas Tax Repeal Could Cost State Residents More 20150112

-Study Shows Bullying Incidents Are More Prevalent in State's Middle Schools 20150112

-More Schools Begin Serving Students Dinner As Demand Expands 20150116

-Student Testing: Deciding When Enough Is Enough 20150118

-Hold the Caviar: A New Age of Trendy Austerity in Dining 20150120

-Letters to the Editor: Society Must Take the Power of Words Away 20150207

-Vaccines Are State's Best Shot, Gupta: 97% Immunization Rate Has W.Va. Ready for Measles Outbreak 20150208

-African-American Educators Remembered for Leading Students through Integration 20150227

-West Virginia Department of Education Seeks Organizations to Feed Kids this Summer 20150227

-Standardized Testing in W.Va. - BOE Fights Repeal: Panel Unified in Favor of Common Core 20150228

-There Are 280,000 Students Counting on This: Bill to Repeal Common Core Would Send School System into a Tailspin 20150228

-Alternative Certification Good for W.Va. [Op-Ed] 20150302

-Senate Approves Charter Schools 20150302

-Repeal Baffles Common Core Backers Proponents of the School Standards Not Sure What Activits Oppose 20150303

-State, Area Officials Seek Answers to Snow Days Policy 20150303

-Common Core: State Board Gets Time for Rewrite 20150304

-'Aginners' Educational Success [Ed] 20150305

-Charter Schools Will Fall Short [Op-Ed] 20150306

-School Systems Ponder Making Up Snow Days 20150306

-We Must Be Catalysts for Change [Op-Ed] 20150306

-W.Va. Legislature Charter Schools Bill to be Read by House: House Education Committee Approves Bill after Senate Stall 20150306

-Early Results of Truancy Court Show It Gets Kids Back into School 20150308

-Education: Thousands of Comments Delay Science Standards Vote 20150308

-Free at last: W.Va.’s Tortuous Road to Emancipation 20150308

-Hard Look at Common Core 20150308

-Is Social Media Making More Teens Unhappy? 20150308

-Racial, Ethnic Disparities Persist in Teen Pregnanct Rates 20150308

-Why Oppose Education Standards? 20150308

2014 Fall Term

-Back to School - State Lacks Teachers, Union Say 20140811

-What School Feels Like Is Very Important 20140814

-Reading, English Scores Raise Hope 20140911

-Board Toughens Truancy Rules 20140912

-Invisible Roots African-American Exhibit Opening Soon 20140912

-School Reform Stars Aligned: Plan Puts RESA's in Charge of Money and Management 20140912

-W Va School Board Debates County-Level Changes 20140912

-Devil in the Details 20140914

-Switch to Online Testing Delays WESTEST Scores 20140915

-WVBOE Examines Value of 180-Day School Calendar 20140915

-DOE Says One in Three W.Va. Student Truant 20140921

-W.Va.'s Truancy Problem 20140928

-W.Va. Public Schools Discipline, Test Scores Linked: Black Students Twice as Likely Than Peers to be Suspended, Report Says 20141012

-School Boards Proposal Shifts Administrative Duties to RESAs 20141015

-Education and Economy: Could It Be the W.Va. Gets What It Pays For? 20141116




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