Fall 2013 Term

Fall 2013 Term

Betsy Ross Knows the Value of Being a Lifelong Learner

Board of Education Introduces New School Ratings

Bridging the Gap

Charting Five Centuries of African American History

Child Abuse Laws Need Updated, Prosecutor, Police Agree

Child Poverty Issues Outlined: SNAP Funds for Soft Drinks Targeted

Children's Garden: 8-Acre Space in Dallas Set Aside to Teach Science

Choice Bus Rolls into Greenbrier County Schools

Education Leaders Study Florida A-F System

Education Leads Workforce in Our Region of State

Education Needs an Upgrade

[Essay on Faith] A Tribute to a Teacher Who Touched Many Lives

Farm to School National School Lunch Week Spotlights State Focus on Locally Grown Meals

Farm to School Program Grows at Liberty

Farm-to-School Project Dearth of W.Va. Produce Farmers Hampers State’s School Lunch Effort

Florida Bullying Case Raises New Parental Concerns

Florida Girl Bullied for Months before Suicide

Get Fit (editorial)

Graduation Rate Jumps 8.5%

Graduation Rate, Lower Crime Costs Linked

Greenbrier County School Excess Levy Passed

Higher Graduation Rate May Cut Crime Costs

Hopeful for a Revolution in 2013 & Beyond to Restore Art in Schools

Johnny Doesn't Read (editorial)

Kids Count Says 7 in 10 West Virginia Kids Reading Badly

Kids with High Self-Esteem Are Unlikely to be Bullied

Lawmaker Seeks Better Childhood for Vulnerable

Less than 50% of W.Va. Students Hit Math, Reading Marks

Let Them Eat Brussels Sprouts: Farm-to-School Programs Benefit Students and Farmers (editorial)

Marshall Students with Autism Can Find a Safe Haven

More Lenient School Lice Policies Are Bugging Parents

More Parents Opting Kids Out of Standardized Tests

Nevada Student Shoots, Kills Teacher and Then Himself

New iPads Likely to Star in Apple's Latest Show

New Raleigh County Truancy Policy Begins Today

New Website Tracks Schools' Progress

Officials Believe Truancy Often an Indicator of Larger Problems

One Little Card (editorial)

Peer Pressure, Stress Are Top Reasons Why Teenagers Smoke

Piedmont principal to retire: innovator looks back on 34 years at East End Grade School

Policy Puts EpiPens in Schools

Pre-School Teacher Helps Ensure Children Have Positive Experience

Public Schoolteachers Fight for Higher Pay

Raleigh County Library Welcomes Youngsters

Raleigh County’s New Truancy Policy Receives Mixed Reviews

Safety Tops Design Requirements for School Buildings

School 'heat days' becoming common

School Makes Educating Children Its No.1 Goal

School-to-Work Program Offers Students a Bridge

Schools Across West Virginia Get a Snapshot of Student Growth

Schools in California Monitor Kids' Social Media Posts

Schools Seen as Big AG Market 'Farm to School' Program Kicks Off Today in Preston

Small Number of Schools Drop Out of Lunch Program

Southern W.Va. High Schools Regional Graduation Rates Up

State Celebrates Six-Year Improvement in PreTerm Birth Rate

Students Can't Opt Out of Standardized Tests in WV

Study: 15 Percent of US Youth Out of School, Work

Teach for America Builds New Stage Work

Teach for America Seeks to Bridge the Education Gap

Teacher Burnout Leads Problems with Education System

Teacher Pay (editorial)

Teachers Are Given a Voice for the First Time

Teachers (editorial)

Test: W.Va. Students' Reading, Math Skills Up

Texas, Textbooks and Culture Wars

Touchy-Feely Teachers Fail to Prepare Students

True Blue: Local Schools Unite Against Bullying

VH1 ‘Saves the Music’ at Local Schools

We Are Failing Our Youngest Children: Report: WV Fourth-Graders Not Reading Proficiently

West Virginia Next Generation Standards: A State Superintendents Perspective

Would Later Class Times Improve Student Performance (editorial)

WVEA Getting Early Start on Teacher Pay Push



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