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Transcript Request

How to Request an Official Transcript

Choose an option below:

General Information

  • Please request your transcript as early as possible to prevent delays in having it sent. Transcripts are normally mailed within 2 business days from the date we recieve the completed request. Our office may experience delays during peak times such as the beginning and end of an academic semester.
  • There is a one-time $15.00 fee for transcripts. There is no charge for additional transcripts after the initial payment of $15.00. Failure to pay the transcript request fee will result in a processing delay. To pay this fee, please include it with your request or contact the Business Office on your campus to pay over the phone.
  • All transcripts are sent via postal mail.
  • New River Community and Technical College will not fax any academic records.


Transcript Request Contact Information:

New River Community and Technical College
ATTN: Transcript Request
280 University Drive
Beaver, WV 25813
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (304) 929-5032 or (304) 929-5461
Payment by Phone: (304) 929-5448 or Contact the Business Office on your campus.
Fax: (304)929-6719

Electronic Transcript Request

Students may request an official transcript through Self-Service Banner. All transcripts, including those requested online, are sent via postal mail.

  • Log in to your Self-Service Banner account.
    • If you cannot access your account please contact IT Support at (304) 929-6725 or the Registrar's Office. Alternately, you may go to the PDF Transcript Request Form to download the printable form. Former students may still access their Self-Service Banner account, even if they have not attended in several semesters.
  • Click Student
  • Click Student Records
  • Click Academic Transcript
  • In the bottom middle of the screen click "Request Printed Transcript"
  • Please review and update your contact information. Having outdated contact information will cause delays in processing your request.
  • Select where you would like to send your Official Transcript (Select one of the following):
    • External College Code: Click Look Up College Code to find the college that should receive your transcript.
    • Internal College: Colleges that are in our region.
    • One of your addresses.
    • Click the drop down box to select the address.
    • Issued to - Fill in this space if none of the above criteria seem to fit.
  • In the "Transcript Type" field click on the drop box and click "official."
  • Complete the address, if it is not filled in automatically. This is the address that your transcript will be mailed to and cannot be corrected after you submit your request.
  • Select Number of Copies
  • Next to the "Print Transcript" field choose either to have your Official Transcript processed as soon as possible, or hold until this terms grades are in, or hold until your degree is conferred.
  • In "Delivery Method" if you need to pay the one-time fee, select "Web Official Tran Not Paid", if you have paid previously select, "Web Official Tran Paid."
  • Review your transcript information and click submit.



Unofficial Transcripts

  • Log in to your Self-Service Banner account.
    • If you cannot access your account please contact IT Support at (304) 929-6725 or the Registrar's Office. Former students may still access their Self-Service Banner account, even if they have not attended in several semesters.
  • Click Student
  • Click Student Records
  • Click Academic Transcript
  • Click Submit
    Depending on your internet browser, you may need to press CTRL+P on your keyboard to bring up the print menu.


Workshops - FYE


New River CTC offers workshops over the course of each semester with various topics for community college students.

  • Best Practices in Studying
  • Best Practices in Test Taking
  • Club Sign-ups
  • Resume Building

FYE Workshops

  • August 26 at 11:00 a.m. ............................ Greenbrier Valley Campus FYE Orientation
  • October ................................................... Academic Advising, graduation and transition plan
  • November 3...............................................Test Taking Tips workshop
  • November 15..............................................Time Management workshop
  • November 30.............................................."Career Exploration" workshop
  • First Week of February...........................College Success Skills and Resume Building                                          
  • First week of March ....................................... Academic Advising, Graduation and Transition Plan
  • First week of April ......................................... General Application Seminar

Campus Guides

** Your Campus Guide will give you the dates for your campus activities.  Be sure to sign up!! **

Industrial Technology AAS

Industrial Technology (AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Industrial Technology is a focused, career-oriented program that meshes the latest techniques in precision mechanical engineering, controls theory, computer science and electronics by applying them to the design process to create more functional and adaptable products.  Industrial Technology is where mechanics, electronics and controls intersect.  The term Mechatronics was first coined in Japan some 30 years ago.  Since then, Mechatronics has come to mean a synergistic blend of mechanics and electronics.  The word’s meaning is somewhat broader than the traditional term electro mechanics, which to many denotes the use of electrostatic or electromagnetic devices.

Industrial Technology is a significant design trend that has a marked influence on the product-development process, international competition in manufactured goods, the nature of mechanical engineering education in coming years, and quite probably the success mechanical engineers will have in becoming team leaders or engineering managers.

Students trained in this program will be able to:
•    Think critically and analytically in order to solve problems and formulate decisions and opinions while utilizing mathematical skills.
•    Demonstrate understanding of electrical circuits, Ohm’s Law, DC power, and AC power and their relationships to industrial equipment.
•    Describe basic industrial wiring, conduit sizes, their connections, and common practices in the industrial workplace.
•    Comprehend PLCs and their application in industrial automation.
•    Demonstrate understanding of electrical motors, overloads, starters, and motor control techniques.
•    Demonstrate understanding of fluid power, both hydraulic and pneumatic, basic usages and control of each system.
•    Solve issues and diagnose electrical and mechanical industrial equipment and their components.
•    Control automation, connecting all learned disciplines into a systems approach culminating with Flexible Manufacturing.

To be admitted to the program, students must meet the general education diploma (GED) requirements or have a high school diploma.  The Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Industrial Technology is an open admissions degree program and, as such, conforms to New River Community and Technical College admissions requirements.  Performance standards consist of maintaining a 2.0 or better grade point average in the program and within the institution. For further information, contact Bruce Mandakunis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 304-929-3306.


Industrial Technology
Total Degree Hours: 60

First Semester




INDT 100

Intro to Industrial Technology


INDT 110

DC/AC Circuits


INDT 120

Fluid Power I


MATH 104

Math for Tech Trades


INDT 150

Mechanical Applications 1



Total Semester Hours



Second Semester




INDT 170

Process Fundamentals


INDT 175

Process Controls


INDT 160

Electro Mechanical I


INDT 180



INDT 190

Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers



Total Semester Hours



Third Semester




INDT 210

Mechanical Application II


INDT 220

Electro Mechanical II


INDT 230

Industrial Safety/Project Mgmt


PSYC 155

Interpersonal Relations and Group Dynamics


WELD 131 OxyFuel/Plasma Cutting



Total Semester Hours



Fourth Semester




INDT 200

Industrial Wiring


INDT 240

PLC/HMI Process Automation


INDT 250

Flexible Manufacturing


INDT 260 Quality Assurance and Control


INDT 270

Capstone Seminar       3

Total Semester Hours


Evaluation Sheet





2012-2013 (Mechatronics)




SSC Tutoring

Any New River CTC student is eligible for up to three hours of tutoring per class per week by completing an application. Tutoring is by appointment and availability of qualified tutors. Tutoring is not available in all subjects. Please contact your campus Educational Counselor in the Student Success Center on your campus. In addition, please click on the link to request Tutoring or Advising: Tutoring or Advising Form

The following services may be available:

  • Writing Center Peer Tutoring Career Counseling Secure
  • Make-up testing (by appointment only)
  • Mentoring Study Groups E-tutoring through synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Multimedia computer labs and prescriptive software programs

Online Tutoring through Brainfuse:

Brainfuse is available through Blackboard and provides students with live tutoring, expert writing assistance, and more. Tutors and students communicate in real-time through the Brainfuse Online Classroom. There is a 24/7 Question Center for students who need a detailed, structured explanation of key concepts or help with an assignment. Students simply submit their questions and receive feedback from the Brainfuse-certified instructor. Instructors must make this tool available by adding the Course Tool to their Blackboard course so that students can then access Brainfuse (see demo provided by Sandra Lilly).

Become a Tutor

The Educational Counselor in the Student Success Centers are eager to talk with interested people and students about how to become a tutor. Professional tutors are generally adjunct faculty or others who hold either a Bachelor or Master’s degree in the area they wish to tutor. If you are interested in becoming a paid, professional tutor, please contact the Educational Counselor in the Student Success Center. Student Peer Tutors are volunteer students who have demonstrated a mastery of the course content they will tutor. An instructor must recommend you for the position based on your performance in their class. Peer tutors will have earned an overall college grade point average of at least a 3.0 and a 3.0 in the subject they wish to tutor. All interested volunteers are encouraged to contact the Educational Counselor on your campus.



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