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Study Guides for HESI

The HESI Preadmission Assessment Examination will be administered on May 16th and 17th on the Greenbrier, Nicholas, and Raleigh County Campuses.  You may choose either date you would like to take your test. You can purchase the "HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review" study guide online at various book sites such as amazon.com or bookbyte.com.  The ISBN for the study guide is: 9781455703333.

You will be taking the English, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Basic Math Skills, Anatomy & Physiology, Critical Thinking, Personality Profile, and Learning Style parts of the exam.

You can also visit the following links of HESI A2 study videos and practice tests to help you study. 



In addition, there are free apps for Android Smart Phone and Apple Iphone/Ipad/Ipod.

Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketprep.hesi&hl=en
or visit Google Play and search for HESI A2 Exam Prep 2017 edition

Iphone:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hesi-a2-exam-prep-2017-edition/id526267675?mt=8 or visit iTunes and search for HESI A2 Exam Prep 2017 edition

Scheduling Your Exam

Starting May 1, 2017 through May 12, 2017, Please call Tina Bryant at 304-883-2481 to schedule the day for your testing. Please have an email address ready when you call. Instructions and access codes will be electronically sent to your email account.

Paying For Your Exam

If you have not added HESI Assessment - Student Access to your Evolve account, follow these steps:

1. Go to http://evolve.elsevier.com and click "I'm a student."  IF you do NOT have an account you will have to create one.  Once your account is created, please check the email you used to create your account for your User Name for your Evolve Account.

2. In the HESI Secured Exams section, click the link that says "Register for Results and Remediation."

3. Click "Register" to place this in your cart, and then Redeem/Checkout from the card screen.

4. If you are a returning user, enter your Evolve username and password, and click "Login."  If you are new to Evolve, enter your name, email, desired password, institution information (if applicable) and click "continue."

To make a HESI Exam payment through your Evolve account, please click on the link below.


1. Once you are successfully logged in, select HESI Assessment- Student Access>Payments. Section 1 and 2 will be pre-populated with your payment ID and information.

2. The Payment ID is provided to you in your email.

3. Enter your billing information.  After payment confirmation, a proof of payment statement will be displayed in your account under payment history

Once you have registered, the HESI Assessment-Student Access link will appear under the My Evolve Section of your Evolve Account.

Day of Exam Instructions

Exam procedures are strictly proctored. You must have a picture ID to enter the testing area. No candidate will be admitted to the testing room once the door has been closed, doors will close promptly at the starting time listed. You will not be permitted to leave the room while your exam is in progress.  No cell phones or calculators are permitted in the testing area.


Workshops - FYE


New River CTC offers workshops over the course of each semester with various topics for community college students.

  • Best Practices in Studying
  • Best Practices in Test Taking
  • Club Sign-ups
  • Resume Building

FYE Workshops

  • August .............................................  8/23 @ 2 Greenbrier Valley Campus FYE Orientation
  •                                                           8/30 @ 2 Greenbrier Valley Campus FYE College Success Skills
  • September........................................  9/6   @ 2 Greenbrier Valley Campus FYE Time Management
  • October ............................................ Academic Advising, graduation and transition plan
  • November ......................................... Test Taking Tips workshop
  • December ......................................... Time Management workshop
  • January ............................................"Career Exploration" workshop
  • Februrary...........................................College Success Skills and Resume Building                                       
  • March .............................................. Academic Advising, Graduation and Transition Plan
  • April ................................................. General Application Seminar

Campus Guides

** Your Campus Guide will give you the dates for your campus activities.  Be sure to sign up!! **

Student Success Center

Student Success Center

In the Student Success Center, we are committed to providing all students the opportunity to achieve academic success by providing a variety of services free of charge. Students can receive placement testing (ACCUPLACER) for admission purposes, tutoring, academic advising, test/quiz proctoring, disability counseling, career assessment, and success workshops.

The Student Success Center’s enhance the services already provided to our students. Many students need to increase their basic skills in math, reading, and writing while others may need substantial computer skills as well as upgrading their personal effectiveness skills including problem solving.

Educational Counselors in the Student Success Center help students in overcoming barriers to a successful completion of their college program. Student Success Centers are located on each campus and are staffed with qualified and friendly educational counselors.

Meet the Student Success Center Staff

Services Provided

First Year Experience- FYE

First Year Experience (FYE) at New River Community and Technical College is designed to enhance your experience during the first year of college.New River CTC is dedicated to your success through establishing a set of first year classes on each of our campuses which groups together freshman in the same general education classes. Each campus has a FYE Campus Guide who will provide weekly opportunities to connect.

Join us at campus orientations, workshops, and seminars throughout the semester.  A link to the topics and times is below under FYE workshops.

Connectivity – Defining a New River CTC network of peers, faculty, staff, and administration for your success. In the mathematical field of graph theory, a complete graph is a graph in which every pair of distinct vertices is connected by a unique edge.

Cohorts in Common General Education Core Courses

First-year students often take the same courses, even though their majors are different. All majors have a general education requirement, so we are providing an opportunity for you to participate in a FYE cohort taking Math, English, and Psychology and one additional class in your major. Cohorts bring first year college students together. By coming together through cohorts, students can get to know each other quicker and start collaborating sooner.


Academic Advising

During the first half of your first semester your guide will set up an academic advising appointment with you to determine goals and plans to reach those goals at New River CTC.



Academic Support

New River CTC has resources for you to meet your goals. Contact your Campus Guide to assist with finding a tutor for a variety of courses.






Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician

What does a Medical Laboratory Technician do?

The Medical Laboratory Technician program prepares graduates for immediate entry into a technician-level position in a clinical laboratory environment. The curriculum includes prerequisite courses in general biology and chemistry along with advanced classes preparing students to provide clinical information for disease prevention, medical diagnosis, and treatment of patients. The Medical laboratory Technician program integrates traditional classroom instruction and laboratory experience with clinical rotations. After successfully completing all academic and clinical requirements of the program, students are eligible to sit for the national certification examination for Medical Laboratory Technicians. After achieving national certification, students can apply for state licensure.  For further information, contact Diane Tyson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 304-929-5038.

Learning by Doing

Curriculum AAS

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) or Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLT) work under the supervision of a Medical Laboratory Scientist. They perform phlebotomy and tests on tissues, blood, and body fluids to help physicians diagnose and treat diseases or monitor a patient’s health status. MLTs are trained to identify parasites and other micro-organisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; quantitate and identify blood cells; test blood for compatibility before transfusion; and test for drug levels in the blood to show how a patient is responding to treatment. Graduates can build a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician or continue their education at a four-year institution to become a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS).

Persons with a felony conviction may not be eligible for licensure based on terms and conditions of the state in which they intend to apply.

Community/Employee Partners

  • Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital
  • Summers County Appalachian Regional Hospital
  • Veterans Administration Medical Center
  • Raleigh General Hospital
  • Summersville Regional Medical Center
  • Greenbrier Valley Medical Center
  • Princeton Community Hospital
  • Bluefield Regional Medical Center
  • Welch Community Hospital
  • Montgomery General Hospital
  • Plateau Medical Center
  • Webster County Memorial Hospital
  • Pocahontas Memorial Hospital
  • Lewis Gale Hospital Allegheny
  • Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
  • Raleigh Regional Cancer Center


The New River Community and Technical College Medical Laboratory Program has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. New River CTC will be seeking accreditation of the new Medical Laboratory Technician program from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) after the start of the program (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 5600 N. River Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018, (773-714-8880). The Committee on Allied Health and Accreditation and NAACLS accredit all Medical Laboratory Technician programs. The self-study report will be submitted to NAACLS after the first cohort of students begin the program, per NAACLS guidelines. Serious candidacy status should be obtained before the first cohort of students graduate, thus allowing for the students to be eligible for applying for the national certification examination upon graduation. Graduates of the New River MLT program will be eligible to take any one of the three national certification examinations for MLT immediately following graduation from the program. All three of these accrediting organizations are recognized by the state of West Virginia for MLT licensure.

Serious candidacy status is not an accreditation status nor does it ensure eventual accreditation. Serious candidacy status is a pre-accreditation status of affiliation with NAACLS that indicates the program is progressing toward accreditation.

Program Faculty

Diane Tyson, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Director, Medical laboratory Technician Program
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program Information

Program Application and Admission Information
Printable Information Packet (including Application Material)
Policies & Procedures Manual (student)
Clinical Education Guide

Program Mission Statement



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