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The Accuplacer, developed by The College Board, is the assessment tool used by New River Community and Technical College. This placement test consists of three parts: reading comprehension, sentence skills, and mathematics (arithmetic and elementary algebra).

All students who score below the state minimum requirements on the ACT or SAT, or who did not take a college entrance exam at all may take the ACCUPLACER. To place into college level English and Math courses, the minimum scores for Accuplacer are:

  • A scaled score below 85 in the Arithmetic domain:
  • A scaled score below 84 in the Elementary Algebra domain
  • A scaled score below 88 on the Sentence Skills test
  • A scaled score below 79 on the Reading Comprehension test

Note: The ACCUPLACER computerized adaptive testing systems can be taken for placement purposes in lieu of the ACT or SAT; however, a composite score cannot be obtained. Anyone needing a composite score for admission into selective degree programs must take the National ACT or SAT.

A minimum of 48 hours must have lapsed before retesting is allowed with ACCUPLACER. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed to retest and a copy of the receipt must be presented to the Proctor before retesting. The Accuplacer is required if

  • a student cannot submit ACT or SAT placement scores
  • has not taken and passed a college level English and Math course verified by official transcript. ACT, SAT
  • Accuplacer placement test scores taken more than five (5) years of the date of application for admission

New River Community and Technical College strongly encourages students that score below the following cutoff scores in Accuplacer to enroll in Adult Basic Education courses to better prepare them for foundation courses. The cutoff scores for Adult Basic Education recommendation are:

Less than 31 in the Arithmetic domain Less than 47 on the Reading Comprehension test Less than 46 on the Sentence Skills test

Guidelines for Accuplacer Testing

1. The student must have applied for admission to the college and have a valid student ID number before testing.

2. The student must make an appointment to test with the Educational Counselor or Test Proctor in the Student Success Center on his/her campus.

3. The student must provide a photo ID and their student ID number before testing.

4. If the student does not make passing scores on the Accuplacer, a retest may not be rescheduled before 48 hours have passed. A re-test fee of $10 will be paid before the student is allowed to re-test.

5. If a student has taken the Accuplacer more than five years prior to registering for classes at New River, a current test will be required prior to registration.

Accuplacer is a suite of computerized tests that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, are used by academic advisors and counselors to place you into a college course that meets your skill level. Scores are normally available immediately after testing is completed. The Accuplacer test can be taken in lieu of the ACT or SAT. A composite score cannot be obtained by taking this test. Anyone needing a composite score for Nursing, Radiological Technology, Medical Assisting, or NCAA purposes MUST take the National ACT or SAT. A minimum of 60 days must have elapsed before retesting is allowed with Accuplacer.



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