Business: Office Technology AAS

Administrative assistants, secretaries, clerks and other workers in administrative support or general office positions are necessary for business, industry, government and the professions. The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in traditional and high-tech environments. Along with the basic skills of English, math, keyboarding and computer applications skills, students will gain an understanding of office procedures, accounting, records management, human relations, basic management principles and the place of business and industry in the American economic system.

Advanced Placement for ADOF 111 Keyboarding and Document Processing I: A student who has prior skills and knowledge in both keyboarding and word processing concepts and applications may take the departmental advance placement test for possible waiver of ADOF 111 Keyboarding and Document Processing 1. If students are placed directly into ADOF 112 Keyboarding and Document Processing II, they must take an additional three-hour course with either a(n) ACCT, ADOF, BUSN, COSC, ECON, MGMT, or MRKT prefix so long as the course is not a program requirement. For more information on this program,contact Lizabeth Rogers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 304-647-6579.

Total Program Hours: 60

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