Student Orientation


Here is the 2014 Spring Student Orientation Manual

Welcome new students! We look forward to helping prepare you for the future and becoming a part of our New River Family.

Online Orientation

Fall 2014 mandatory online orientation is now available.  READ REGISTRATION INFORMATION GUIDELINES BEFORE BEGINNING...


Transient, Provisional (current high school students who will remain in high school during the upcoming semester) and Special (Non-degree and Non-certificate seeking) students do not have to complete online orientation.

Registration Information Guidelines

Now thru June 30- Priority Registration for Fully Admitted Applicants

In order to register for classes, you must meet the following criteria:

  • have submitted an Application for Admission and be fully admitted in the Office of Admissions (file complete, all requested documents received)
  • successfully completed online orientation
  • completed a new Application for Admission if you are a Returning (re-admitted) student prior to your registration appointment with the Office of Admissions.

July 1- August 8 - Open Registration begins

In order to register for classes, you must meet the following criteria:

  • have submitted an Application for Admission
  • submitted all unofficial college transcripts (if applicable) to the Office of Admissions if you do not have official transcripts turned in (for advising purposes only) prior to scheduling a registration appointment. You will still be responsible for submitting official transcripts in order to complete your admission file.
  • if you have not submitted ACT, SAT or Compass placement test scores or have not passed a college level Math and English course from an accredited college in which New River CTC accepts credit, you will need to take the placement test with the Student Success Center. Note: For test scores to be accepted, the test date must be within 5 years from the date of Application for Admission.

Priority Registration is open now thru June 30 for fully admitted new students (admission file complete, all requested information such as transcripts and test scores received) including returning (re-admitted: sat out a semester or longer, excluding summer term). Fully admitted students may contact the Office of Admissions on their local campus to schedule an appointment to register after they have completed online orientation and if they have completed a career assessment if desired due to uncertainty of major.

Conditionally admitted students may schedule an appointment for July 1 or after to register providing they have submitted at least unofficial college transcripts to the Office of Admissions for advising purposes if all official transcripts have not been received (if applicable).  A student must have completed placement testing with the Student Success Center and scores must be entered in the database prior to scheduling an appointment if ACT, SAT, or Compass scores (accepted from a WV public high school) were not provided.






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Financial Aid Refund

The first day for distribution of financial aid refund checks is Thursday, Sept. 4.  Checks can be picked up in the Business Office on your campus. Students must attend all classes and be actively participating in online courses in order to be eligible to pick up a financial aid refund check.