Online Student Orientation Module

Office of Admissions, Hours of Operation Monday- Friday,  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Spring 2017 online orientation is open as of Friday, NOVEMBER 4, 2016

The goal of Online Orientation at New River CTC is to assist our students in the overall transition to college, including basic information on academic policies, procedures, Student Services and information regarding registering AFTER your initial advising/registration appointment with your assigned academic advisor during the next scheduled current student registration event. We hope this information will promote a successful beginning and guide you through your first semester. Please be sure to read the college catalog for a comprehensive overview of college policies and procedures. This can be found on the college website, under Quick Links.

First semester advising takes place within the Office of Admissions for the following students: New first time freshman, returning (readmitted) who sat out a semester or longer excluding summer and new transfer. You will be assigned an academic advisor after your initial first semester advising and registration occurs.

Special students (non-certificate/degree seeking), Provisional (current high school) and Transient (visiting from your home institution to take a course or two) will be seen in the Office of Admissions each semester for advising and registration. NOTE: You must complete a new Application for Admission each semester you attend.

Please note: Transient students, Special (non-degree seeking) students and those enrolling as Provisional high school students (current high school students, not graduating in May/June applying as first-time freshman) are EXEMPT and DO NOT have to take online orientation. Current high school students who are graduating and enrolling as certificate or degree seeking students (not provisional) will need to complete online orientation.


New Student Priority Registration for Spring 2017 will begin November 14 by appointment for those who are fully admitted. Registration Appointments are available 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

(Fully admitted means admission file is complete-all documents requested have been received and your online orientation is passed/complete).

You may call your local campus Office of Admissions to   schedule an appointment to register if you are fully admitted and have completed online orientation. Returning (readmitted) students will also need to schedule an appointment with the Office of Admissions your first semester upon returning.


Open Registration for all new students will begin December 1, 2016 by appointment. Schedule your appointment today! Registration Appointments are available 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

If you have previously taken online orientation and it has been over one year, you will be asked to take it again when re-enrolling. You will not be able to use your previous student ID. Instead you will need to use your date of birth, such as 07111999, for July 11, 1999 for example. The system will not provide you with the quiz at the end of orientation if you use the same ID number each time. You will need to make sure you use your middle name after your first name, such as Henry "Allen" Smith.

Please make sure you if you need to stop and continue at a later time, that you use the same sign-in credentials each time. Your information is saved each time you exit with your specific login.


Registration Information (You must complete online orientation in order to register, those exempt are listed above)

Seats will fill quickly! Once we have processed your application for admission, you will receive a welcome letter in the mail from the Office of Admissions with your Student ID number.  Use this ID number to complete online orientation. See new student registration dates listed at the top of the page. Priority registration occurs prior to general registration.

You may call your local Office of Admissions to schedule your appointment to register for your classes once online orientation is open each semester and you have completed/passed online orientation.

If you have applied within one week of classes starting, you will not receive your letter in time, please call to discuss your admit status, payment options if you have not submitted your FAFSA by a certain date and how you will proceed with online orientation. Please review what is needed below for your admission file depending upon your student type. It is important that you read the information. View the academic calendar for important dates such as the first day of classes, etc. View Academic Calendar

If you are a transfer student and have not submitted official college transcripts or we have not received them, please bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts with you for your appointment in order to register for classes. Scroll down for registration information and make your appointment to register for classes soon!


Steps to Enrollment

Apply for Admission (you should submit your application before applying for financial aid)
Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Sign up and Complete Student Orientation (exemptions listed above)
Register for Classes (Schedule your appointment to register. We like to devote our time and attention to YOU and an appointment allows us to focus on you!).
Pay Tuition and Fees
Purchase Books Online
Attend Classes

Priority Registration is given to new fully admitted students and New Veteran students (admission file complete) and graduating high school seniors who have applied for Fall and are only lacking the official transcript.


In order to make an APPOINTMENT to register for classes, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit an Application for Admission.
  • Complete a new Application for Admission if you are a Returning (re-admitted) student, Transient student, Provisional student (current high school) or Special student (non-degree seeking) prior to your registration appointment with the Office of Admissions. A Transient student must have their completed transient permission form sent to the Office of Admissions on the campus they will attend prior to registration or have it in-hand. A Provisional student must have a completed Provisional Form in hand at the time of registration. Click here for a Provisional Form
  • Submit all official college transcripts (if applicable) to the Office of Admissions. If you do not have official transcripts turned in, you must submit unofficial transcripts for advising purposes ONLY prior to scheduling a registration appointment or you may bring them with you. You will still be responsible for submitting official transcripts, excludes Transient students. Special students may need unofficial transcripts if applicable in order to meet a pre-requisite requirement for coursework. Current high school students (provisional) who have taken dual credit or college courses should submit unofficial transcripts when necessary to meet select course pre-requisite requirements.
  • If you have not submitted ACT, SAT or Compass (accepted from a WV public high school-Reading, Writing and Math) placement test scores or have not passed a college level Math and English course from an accredited college in which New River CTC accepts, you will need to take a placement test. For test scores to be accepted, the test date must be within five years from the date of Application for Admission. Tests are administered through the Student Success Center.
  • Successfully complete online Orientation. Transient, Special (non-degree seeking) and Provisional (current high school) students are not required to complete online orientation. Returning (readmitted) students who have completed online Orientation within the last year are also exempt. The Office of Admissions will verify completion within the last year in order to schedule readmits.

Conditionally admitted certificate or degree seeking students may schedule an appointment until January 6, 2016 to register, providing they have submitted at least unofficial college transcripts to the Office of Admissions for advising purposes, if all official transcripts have not been received. If no college work has been completed, a student must have completed placement testing (Accuplacer) within the Student Success Center and scores must be entered prior to scheduling an appointment or have submitted ACT SCORES, etc. Other student types, Special, Transient and Provisional may register until January 6 as well. Special students (non-degree seeking) will need unofficial transcripts or test scores in order to register in higher level courses or those stating “Eligibility for English 101” for example. Or in order to enroll in college level Math or English.

IMPORTANT: Please do not wait until the last day to register, January 6, as appointments are FULL and most classes are closed, and your FINANCIAL AID/LOANS will be delayed because Financial Aid cannot disperse without you being "fully admitted" and registered for classes, resulting in payment needed.

You will be expected to make a payment if your financial aid has not processed and/or they cannot verify your award amount. Check with your financial aid counselor regarding expectations for payment if you have submitted the FAFSA on or after December 19. 







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All New River CTC Campuses will be closed Monday, January 16 for Martin Luther King Day. Spring 2017 classes begin Tuesday, January 17.