Tuition and Fees


Fiscal Year

Full-time West Virginia resident student (12 hours or more) $1782
Full-time non-resident student (12 hours or more) $2397



 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
West Virginina Resident $151 $298 $448 $600 $751 $899 $1049 $1198 $1348 $1499 $1649 $1782
Non-resident $200 $400  $600 $800 $1000 $1200 $1400 $1600 $1800 $2000 $2200 $2397



Course Fees:
American Institute of Banking (Materials Fee/Program Fee) $80
American Institute of Banking (Per Credit Hour) $42
Automotive/Diesel Program-Tool Fee (One time charge) $1600
Automotive/Diesel program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $30
CDL Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $280
Computer Science Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $18
Cosmetology Program Fee (Per Semester) $450
Cosmetology Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $25
EMT- Intermediate Program Fee (Per Credit Hour) $28
EMT -Bridge Program Fee (Per Credit Hour) $28
Fine Arts Studio Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $12
Heavy Equipment Program Course Fee (Hour) $280
HVAC Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $30
Line Service Mechanic Program - Tool Fee (One time charge) $1600
Line Service Mechanie Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $30
Machine Tool Technology (Per Credit Hour) $32
Medical Assisting Program Fee (Semi-Annual) $175
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Fee (Per Semester) $300
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $25
Online Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $40
Paramedic Program Fee (Per Credit Hour) $28
Phlebotomy Program Fee (Per Credit HOur) $50
Physical Therapist Assistant Program Fee (Per Semester) $300
Physical Therapist Assistant Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $25
Practical Nursing Program Fee (Semi-Annual) $350
Registered Nursing Program Fee (Per Semester) $750
Registered Nursing Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $25
SAIL Courses (Per Credit Hour) $38
Science Program Fee (Per Credit Hour) $18
Welding Course Fee (Per Credit Hour) $32
Welding Program Fee (One time charge) $315
Other Fees:
Board of Governor's AAS Degree (Portfolio Fee) $300
Diploma Replacement Fee $25
ID Card Replacement Fee $5
Late Registration $50
Late Tuition Payment Fee $25
Orientation Fee (One time fee - 6 credit hours or more) $75
Parking Tickets $10
Portfolio and Prior Learning Credits Posting Fee (Per Credit Hour) $10
Return Check Fee $25
Student Services Fee (Per Credit Hour - students taking 6 credit hours or more) $6
Technology Fee (Per Credit Hour - students taking 6 credit hours or more) $6
Transcript (One Time Charge) $15
Tuition Payment Plan (Per Semester) $10


Additional tuition information
Tuition Refunds



Student Handbook

 2014 - 2015 Student Handbook

Welcome from the President
Welcome from the Vice President of Student Services
Mission, Vision and Values Statement
Mission Statement - Student Services
College Directory (directory of offices with phone numbers)
New River Communication and Technical College Locations
Campus Safety
    Emergency Response/Contacts
    Inclement Weather Procedures
College Offices and Services
    Admissions Office
    Business Office
    Career Services
    Developmental Education Office
    Financial Aid Office
    Technology Services
    Library Resources
    Registrar's Office
    Student Disability Services (full description of services)
    Student Success Centers
        Academic Early Alert Services
        Advising Services
        Student Disability Services (basic overview of services)
        Tutoring Assistance
    Veteran's Assistance and Benefits
College Policies and Procedures
    Affirmative Action/Equal Opprotunity Policy
    Alcohol/Drug Policy and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
    Computer Use and Abuse Policy
    Understanding FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)
    Confidentiality of Records
    Financial Aid-Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
    Financial Aid Implications for Withdrawing from Classes
    Grievance Procedures
        Summary of Student Grievance Procedures
        Student Grievance Procedure
        Grievance Procedures for Disabled Students
   Sexual Harassment Policy
    Student Classroom Expections
    Distance Learning Course Etiquette
    Student Code of Conduct
    Tobacco Usage Policy
Student Activities, Clubs and Organizations
    Clubs and Organizations
    New Student Organization Formation Procedures
    Student Travel Procedures

Bookstore FAQ

I've heard that New River now has a "virtual bookstore."  What does that mean exactly?
New River has partnered with Follett Corporation, a leading national bookstore company, to provide bookstore services to all New River students.  While Follett representatives will be on campus during key periods of the academic year, all bookstore services are available online or by using a phone (1-800-621-4088).

Can I still purchase books on campus?
Since the Fall 2009 semester, textbooks may be purchased online through the Bookstore web site but not on campus.

Why did New River move to an online system?
There were a number of reasons for going to an online system. Providing the lower prices students desire and improved service were the main reasons.  Moving the bookstore services online created a more responsive service for students, meaning that access is more immediate and ordering procedures are more efficient.  The online bookstore added the convenience of 24 hour ordering and other comprehensive services including access to more used books, eBooks when available, discounted computer products, and 24 hour online buyback.

My computer connection at home is ridiculously slow. Is there any other way?
Off line ordering is available through the virtual Bookstore’s 800 phone and fax service as well as by mail.

Can my books be delivered to my P.O. Box?
Yes, by using the United States Postal System you can have them shipped to your PO Box or you can use one of the other shipping choices to have them delivered to your home. Shipping options include USPS and Fed-Ex.

How many days will it take to get my books?
The virtual bookstore offers all forms of shipping, so the choice is yours. Shipping typically takes 2-3 days, depending on the method selected. Air orders received before noon Central Standard Time will be shipped the same day. All orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Are my books going to be more expensive now that I have to pay shipping?
No. The shipping charges were included in the price of the books before and will now be separate. Students will now see a separate price for the book, and the shipping charges. In addition, there will be more used books available, significantly reducing the price of books.

Now that I can’t look at the books before I buy them, just how used is “used?”
The online vendor selected offers the highest quality used books of any online book retailer. Every book passes a quality inspection which includes a check for damage, excessive marking or highlighting, and that all pages, bindings and covers are intact.

What about buyback?
End of semester buyback will still be conducted on campus. Buyback will also be available any time via the Virtual Bookstore website. A prepaid shipping label is created at the completion of online buyback so that you do not have to pay to ship the books you have sold.

How do I access my Financial Aid award on the Virtual Bookstore site?
Students who receive a financial aid award should create an account on the Virtual Bookstore site and then select the books for purchase, in order to gain access to their financial aid information. The credentials required for accessing the financial aid information are the same that you use for accessing Web Self-Service on the New River web site (which is where your course schedule and other official academic records are kept). Your 9-digit New River ID number is your username and your 6-digit date of birth is your password. Please contact the Help Desk if you need this information.

What if I can't find my Financial Aid award on the Virtual Bookstore site?
You can still purchase your books using another source for payment (credit card) and any unspent financial aid money will be paid to you in a printed check.

What is the link for the Virtual Bookstore?
The link for the Virtual Bookstore is:

Financial Aid Forms

Forms for 2014-2015 Award Year

(Fall 2014 and Spring 2015)

FERPA - Authorization for Release of Financial Aid Information

Data Sheet

Dependent Data / Verification Worksheet

Parent Low Income Form

Independent Data / Verification Worksheet

Student Low Income Form

ISIR Signature Page

Parent Information

Documentation of Support

Statement of Educational Purpose / Identity

Documentation of Child Support

High School Completion Status

Financial Aid Suspension Appeal

HEAPS Application

Loan Application

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Federal School Code for FAFSA: 039603



New River has partnered with Follett to offer bookstore services completely online.  Books and New River merchandise can be purchased on the site.  The online bookstore accepts all major credit cards.  You can also pay by phone or check. Students on financial aid can purchase books from the amount remaining in their financial aid award once tuition and fees are paid.  More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions link. At this time, New River does not have a physical bookstore at any of its locations.


Class Book List

Spring 2014 Class Book List (as of 1/6/2014) 

Fall 2014 Class Book List (as of 7/3/14)




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Financial Aid Refund

The first day for distribution of financial aid refund checks is Thursday, Sept. 4.  Checks can be picked up in the Business Office on your campus. Students must attend all classes and be actively participating in online courses in order to be eligible to pick up a financial aid refund check.