Alma Mater

The New River CTC Alma Mater was written in 2011 by Barbara Elliot, who serves as the Colleges' Public Relations Director, and was first performed at the 2012 Commencement. These words of Barbara's capture the essence of what New River means. For setting the text to music New River CTC commissioned Dr. Andrew Kohn who is Associate Professor of Music at West Virginia University and teaches music theory and composition. The entire college community then became involved in the process. With three different tunes provided by Dr. Kohn, we posted audio clips and held an online poll to select the most popular version. From a single melody line, Dr. Kohn brought the piece to life with a four part vocal arrangement and a piano part.

New River Alma Mater
By - Barbara Elliott

In these ancient, endless mountains, cleft by rivers clear and blue,
Stands our own beloved college, stalwart friend, companion true.
In your halls we've made the journey to create a future bright,
In your shelter, dear New River, we have kept our flame alight.
Now with strength we face tomorrow as we leave your kind embrace,
With the strength you've fostered in us, we can every challenge face.
Oh dear college, we will cherish all the happy times we've known,
And with gratitude we leave you, thankful for the seeds you've sown.
As we say farewell, New River, stalwart friend, companion true,
In our hearts and minds we'll carry memories of the green and blue.


Alma Mater Descant
Alma Mater Melody
Alma Mater Piano and Melody



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